Hi! I’m Sue Romero and I’m glad you stopped by Inspired by CNY!

If you’re a Central New Yorker, or just visiting the area, I invite you to explore this website to discover interesting local businesses, museums, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and more. Sometimes it helps to have an inside peek at a place so you know whether you want to take the time to visit it yourself. So as I go about satisfying my curiosity¬†about things that catch my interest here, I share what I find with you on the blog.

Have you seen a quirky-looking shop, a newly opened business, or something else that peaked your interest as you drove along a country road? Let me know about it in the form below. I’ll see if I can check it out and report about it here for everyone to benefit.

So what makes me so interested in Central New York? Well, I grew up in a little village on Route 20 and graduated from Syracuse University. Then for 25 years, as a military spouse, I lived in four different US states and in Japan. Finally, I was able to come back, and now I’m exploring my old home just the way I did all the new “homes” I lived in during those traveling years.

Comments welcome!

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