Savoring a Sunny Day at Root Glen

Root Glen-6

Never waste a sunny day.

Every Central New Yorker grows up knowing that maxim, because winter and rainy days are lurking around the next corner. When I lived in Florida and Arizona, I had a hard time getting anything done around the house, because every day was sunny. And it’s kind of been like that a lot this summer in CNY. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!

Today was another of those blue-sky-perfectly-sunny-temperature-in-the-mid-70s days. And I couldn’t waste it. So my youngest daughter and I took the pup and made the most of it at Root Glen on the Hamilton College campus. Three generations of the Root family of Clinton worked to create an exquisite display of trees and flowers and carefully manicured pathways and bridges so that the public could be happy there for free. What a beautiful thing to do! We should all take advantage of it.

And talk about beauty…here’s a glimpse:

Root Glen-5

Root Glen-8

If you want to see some really good pictures of Root Glen, click over to Mohawk Valley Through the Lens‘ Facebook page. I’ve been in awe of their pictures for months. They’re a group of photographers who make amazing images and share them with all of us. If you love Central New York and haven’t liked their page yet, you need to do that now. You’ll be glad you did, because you’ll see breathtaking beauty in your Facebook feed on a regular basis.

The weather’s forecasted to be just as beautiful for the next few days. Where are your favorite places to savor a sunny day? Tell me in the comments.


Comments welcome!

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